3 ways Jews will be treated under Mosley’s fascism

Oswald Mosley has fought for the fascist movement in East London for many years. He believed that the immigrants, especially the Jews, were responsible for the deteriorating living conditions of the British people. He believed that they were taking up the space and resources of the British people. Here are the ways the Jews will be treated under Mosley’s fascism.

Put Britain first

The Jews will be required to put the Britain’s interest before theirs. They are living in another country, so that country’s interests will be the priority. Otherwise, they will be deported from the country.

They will not be ill-treated

Those Jews who will be found guilty of any anti-British misconduct will be asked to leave the country. But if they don’t do such thing and live peacefully, they will be treated as foreigners. They will never be ill-treated.

They will not get British citizenships

As the Jews always set their racial interests on top of the national interest they will always be treated as foreigners. So, they won’t be able to become M.Ps or other officials. They won’t be granted citizenships as well.

Mosley’s fascism has nothing against the Jews. Their main motive is to put the country’s interest first. They want the British people to get rid of poverty and unemployment. So, the Jews are not stopped from living in Britain. They just need to follow the rules and understand that they are actually living in another country, so that country’s interest should be given priority than their own.

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